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A dental crown strengthens the tooth by being a hard shell that encases the tooth's structure. Dental crowns are routinely made for teeth that have broken, or have had large parts of the tooth destroyed by decay.

A crown will protect a weak tooth from breaking up, restore a broken tooth, cover an off-coloured or poorly shaped tooth or cover a tooth that has had a root canal. Well made porcelain crowns should look almost exactly like your own natural set of teeth.

How long will the crown last?

While crowns should last for a very long time, they are susceptible to the same problems as you
can get with your own teeth. The porcelain of a crown may occasionally fracture and go off-colour slightly over time (just like a real tooth would). If the tooth is not kept regularly cleaned and flossed, you could get decay underneath your

The best thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your crown is to practice good oral hygiene. Keep your teeth and gums
healthy by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. While the majority of crowns we do are porcelain, there is a useful role still for gold crowns. We do these all at the same low fee of $1400 irrespective of material used, and will discuss what is the most appropriate option for you and your tooth.

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