Children’s Dentistry


It’s important to establish a good oral hygiene program from an early age. This will set up your child with a lifetime of great dental habits, which will reduce the chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease well into adulthood.

At Singleton Dental, we encourage people to bring their kids into our clinic as young as possible; even if they’re not quite ready for a dental assessment. This helps your child to become familiar with our dental environment and creates a positive relationship with our dental team.

Free treatment under 18.

We are passionate about providing free treatment wherever possible, and have an OHSA contract for free treatment to all secondary school pupils from year 9 until they turn 18. We also have an SDS contract so that we can accept referrals from school therapists for any children younger than year 9 pupils. Additionally we provide full ACC funded treatments with no surcharge above the ACC fee. Your child is guaranteed to be cared for by a fully qualified Otago graduate dentist.

Child Education and Prevention.

Our dental team places a heavy emphasis on preventative care and education. We are happy to teach your child/children good oral practices and give you the right skills to clean and care for their teeth at home.

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